About Us
We are unique in that we provide unbiased political and regular news aggregation.
We have gathered everything form Live News Streams to Fake News that has been debunked.
As we are mostly a News aggregation website, Most of our content comes from remote sources.
We are not responsible for any of the links to stories that take you off our website.
We only use mainstream News sites from around the world. Below we will detail what can be found on each page.
We use multiple outlets to provide the most diverse collection of news as possible.

Our Home page has a slide of our Featured Posts that we have searched the known web to find and provide for you.
These post generally are videos that may be controversial in nature but are very informative.
They provide insight that  you may not get without consuming large amount of media.
 These are mostly interactions from pundits from various news channels.
Some content is first hand videos found and posted online.
We have tweets from our twitter account managed by our editor and also the official POTUS account.
We then have a "Recent Post" section with our latest posts. 

Our "Hot News!" page starts off with selection of our featured original News post.
Next is the "TAGS" section to sort all of our stories by subject or content.
At the bottom is a section with our most recent post.

Our "US NEWS" page provides news from around the country.
 This gets updated by the minute by various news organizations from around the country. 
We currently have 5 sources contributing to the content of this page. 
Fox News is one source as it is the most popular source for news in the country. 
Forbes is the second source and provides trusted news on various topics. 
CBS News is the third source for news and is on average the least biased of the big 3 original networks.
 Bloomberg politics is the forth source of news and provides balanced political news for your consumption.
NPR politics is the last source on this page and provides somewhat left leaning political news to balance out Fox News posts.

Our "WORLD NEWS" page provides news from around the World.
BBC News is our first source as it one of the oldest sources for news in the World.
CNN International is the second source as it provides a US perspective on World News.
Al Jazeera is our third source and it provides a Middle Eastern perspective on World events. 
RT is our forth source and even though it is from a Russian Perspective it can be informative.
Sky News is our final source as it is the sister to Fox News and is very popular.

Our "LIVE NEWS" page provides live streams from other Media Organizations.
When you load the page CBS News will be streaming.
There are links for other unofficial sources for Fox News and CNN

Our "FAKE NEWS" page has links to articles debunking rumors and falsely reported stories from around the internet.

Our Contact page allows our visitors to email our staff directly or text us using the number provided.